Jacuzzi® Pool & Spa

Canada's #1 Hot Tub Choice

Jacuzzi® Pool and Spa has proudly earned the title of Canada's number one hot tub choice!  Why is this? That's easy! We create backyard memories for families and friends that provide a lifetime of wonderful and memorable experiences. When it comes to talking about hot tubs in the Okanagan, they are a great way for all of the family, including both children and adults, to come together and create fun memories that help keep families connected! Especially in a day and age of over abundant electronics flooding our homes, hot tubs offer Kelowna families a way of reconnecting and enjoying one another's company! Hot tubs have a reputation for bringing both friends and family closer through a sense of togetherness. Kids love the fun of the warm, bubbly water and adults can relax and socialize with the use of a hot tub in their own backyard. Jacuzzi ® Pool and Spas offers a great way to get everyone together regularly, away from the distractions of modern life. You may use your hot tub a lot more than you think! So please be advised when we warn you that hot tubs are completely addictive.

Although we love to see people use hot tubs in Kelowna, Jacuzzi Pool and Spa also has the reputation for providing  the Okanagan with an entire backyard experience, unique to our customers own preferences. Did you know we also sell swimming pools to the people of the Okanagan? We do! With the summers in the Okanagan being as wonderful as they are, we believe everyone in the valley should have the experience of enjoying their own backyard swimming pool in the Okanagan. We have pools available for almost any family within almost every budget! Come in and talk to our expert backyard specialists and get the right pool for you! Inground pools and quality above ground pools are our specialities! They are even at a price you'll smile at! 

After you have your hot tub and swimming pool checked out, then don't forget to ask us about our backyard patio furniture selection. Yes, that's right! We sell beautiful and quality patio furniture that will make you smile once again! We guarantee you that it is one of a kind furniture that is built with quality materials and all at extremely affordable prices. You'll be amazed at our selection.

Jacuzzi Hot Tub History:

50 Years of Hot Tub Innovations - Yet Surprisingly Affordable

Did you know that Jacuzzi isn't another name for a hot tub. Jacuzzi is an actual brand of a hot tub. Jacuzzi ® is the brand that originally invented the hot tub over 50 years ago and their innovative engineering designs continue to lead the industry with over 250 patents worldwide. Jacuzzi ® is the largest manufacturer of hot tubs in the world and all Jacuzzi ® hot tubs are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality guidelines in the United States. Jacuzzi ® hot tubs are constantly advancing in hydrotherapy knowledge and always staying on top of the leading edge in the hot tub industry. Jacuzzi ® Pool and Spa also offer their clients the best financing rates and terms in the industry. For an example, the model J-210 starts at $68 /month!! Why wouldn't this make Jacuzzi ® the number one choice for consumers!

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency? Don't be fooled by the rhetoric you will hear about hot tubs that are built in Canada "for our climate". Genuine Jacuzzi ® Hot Tubs have been tested in extreme cold climates worldwide. Jacuzzi ® builds one of the world's most energy efficient hot tubs. Others may claim they are more efficient however we have the facts to prove it. If you want an energy efficient spa, it need energy efficient components...bottom line. Energy efficiency makes a difference for you personally as well as for the entire environment. Check it out

Warranty Considerations 

Did you know that our warranties on all hot tubs is amazing. We think so. Most hot tub purchases comes with a warranty of 1 to 2 years. Which, as we all know, is not long enough. That is why Jacuzzi sells hot tubs in Kelowna that comes with a limited warranty that can last up to 10 years! On top of our outstanding warranty, we always make sure that Jacuzzi Pool and Spa stands by to make sure you have years and years of worry free hot tub enjoyment. Jacuzzi Pool and Spas of Kelowna and Vernon ONLY sells the best. 

Jacuzzi Pool and Spas of Kelowna and Vernon ONLY Sells Genuine Quality Products!  

Why? Simply because we are committed to providing only the highest qauilty hydrotherapy products and service to customers in the Okanagan at competitive prices. a hot tub or pool is usually the third major purchase after buying your home and car. Take the time to compare off of the features and benefits to ensure that your new pool and hot tub will meet your needs and fot your budget. You wouldn't buy a new car without taking it for a test drive first, so don't forget to arrange for a test soak of your new hot tub. Jacuzzi's patented 50-50 air to water ratio and soft jet system, delivers the ultimate experience in hydrotherapy massage.

Come in and talk to our creative backyard pool designers and get a picture of what your own private backyard oasis could look like. Over a solid decade of customer service throughout the Okanagan Valley behind us now at Jacuzzi Pool and Spa. We look forward to serving the Okanagan for another solid decade with many more to follow.